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Posted By: Mary Williams
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Date Posted: Thu, 17 Aug 2023

6 WAYS A Cappella Singing Improves Your LIFE: A Woman's Perspective

Are you a busy person who loves singing? As a working woman myself - juggling a career, social life, and family, finding a fulfilling and empowering hobby was a game-changer. For women of all ages, an A Cappella Choir singing offers not only an artistic outlet but a wealth of unexpected rewards.

Let's explore how joining our fabulous A cappella choir can amplify your musical prowess and enrich your life as a modern woman.

How A Cappella Choir Singing in a Choir Improves Your Life


# Reason 1 - Finding Your Voice: Perfecting Your Pitch. 

Singing in an A Cappella group allows women to reclaim and discover their unique voice – literally. The emphasis on pitch in a cappella can be a metaphor for finding your voice in the world, empowering you to speak (and sing) confidently and confidently.


# Reason 2 - Rhythmic Mastery: A Life in Balance

Learning to hold your rhythm in a choir is akin to the balance women maintain in their daily lives. The beat becomes a grounding constant, much like the steady rhythm that keeps our hectic lives in harmony.


# Reason 3 - Harmonising and Active Listening: Empathetic Connections

In an A Cappella group, harmonising together teaches you to listen deeply to those around you – a skill that translates beautifully into empathetic, effective communication in your relationships.


# Reason 4 - Voice Control and Technique: Self-care for Your Soul

With a focus on breath control and vocal technique, A Cappella singing becomes a form of meditation and self-care, offering a mental and emotional respite from the demands of modern life.


# Reason 5 - Musical Memorisation: Mindfulness and Mental Health

Committing music to memory is an exercise in mindfulness, a practice that has proven mental health benefits. It's a chance to unplug, focus, and engage your brain in a rewarding way.


# Reason 6 - Expressive Performance Skills: Embrace Your Inner Star

A cappella encourages you to own the stage with grace and charisma. For many women, it's a transformative experience that boosts confidence and encourages self-expression.


A Personal Journey for Every Woman

As a woman singing in a cappella choir, I have found my tribe - a supportive group of women united in song and friendship. Together, we've grown musically and personally. The skills we've developed mirror the strengths we, as women, nurture throughout our lives: resilience, harmony, and the powerful act of lifting our voices in unison.


We LOVE The Empowering Symphony of Female Voices

A cappella singing is more than an art form; it's an empowering experience, a stress rWe eliever, and a community builder for women. Whether you're a young professional, a busy mom, or someone seeking a fresh, uplifting hobby, joining an A Cappella choir can be a source of joy, growth, and sisterhood.

Are you ready to elevate your life through song? Join our welcoming A Cappella choir in Bristol and start this enriching journey with fellow women who, just like you, are ready to sing their hearts out.

We meet Thursdays at 7.30-9.30pm at Glenfrome School, Eastville, BS5 6TY. Costs £10 a month.

Just turn up or email 495mary@gmail.com for more information.

By Mary Williams