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Sing Your Heart Out with Avon Harmony, Bristol's AMAZING Women's Choir


Your Voice, Your Community: Join the Avon Harmony A Cappella Choir in Bristol Today!

Welcome to Avon Harmony A Cappella, Bristol's destination for women's choir singing and music. Every Thursday evening, we meet and sing in the spirit of harmony and community. Specialising in four-part A Cappella arrangements, we offer an unparalleled choir experience in the heart of Bristol. Read on to discover why Avon Harmony is the perfect ensemble for you. 

Did you sing in the choir at school, or do you sing along with your favourite playlists? Enjoy Karaoke or sing in the shower? Need to get out, enjoy life, learn and improve your singing skills and make new friendships? We love our women's choir in Bristol- and so might you!

 If you want to sing in a happy, friendly, invigorating, fun group, then come and try us out for free. We are always on the lookout for singers to join us, and you don’t need to be able to read music as we provide practice recordings. And if you do read music, we provide that too and guarantee to give you an inspiring experience that sets us apart from choirs with pianos or backing tracks.

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A Choir For Bristol & Bath Women 

 We are a varied group of women of all ages from 18+ and backgrounds. There is a place for everyone that can hold a tune. We want people with high voices, very low voices and even more people for the two parts in the middle. And you don't have to be perfect, as that is what choir rehearsals are all about.

 And it's not all about the singing. It's also about friendship and socializing. We sometimes watch shows and concerts, socialize and have meals out.

How much will joining the choir cost?

 Our monthly subs (2022) are £10, including all music, LABBS membership, top quality coaching, running costs including Making Music membership and insurance, and many of your costumes. We are a non-profit making community group and offer good value for money. You may be asked to sing at the LABBS convention each October during regular rehearsals and coaching sessions. Extra costs at the convention would be hotel rooms (that we try and keep as low as possible), convention passes, food/fuel, etc.

What happens next? Can I sing well enough to join your choir?

Please come along to our next rehearsal, and you can see what we do. We can help you see how high and low you can go and what voice type you prefer.

 Then, you will be given a song to learn (with learning tracks and sheet music), and it will usually be something that we are currently singing. When you have picked up the essentials of the song, like notes & words, then we keep our ear open to see if you can hold your part among the group rather than a traditional audition. You won't even know it has happened.

 We are not looking for perfection; we know we aren't by far, but we are looking for "good enough" with the willingness and ability to learn. In fact, most people join with flying colours. We want it to be for anyone who is willing to give it a try.

One of the most established female choirs in Bristol

 Then, you can join the glorious ranks of 40-plus years of singers and become a full chorus member. And that is the start of a beautiful journey.

If this sounds like a fun thing to do (and we LOVE it!), come and join us every Thursday at Glenfrome Primary School from 7.30 -9.30 pm at:

Avon Harmony A Cappella Chorus@
Glenfrome Primary School,
Cottisford Rd,