Embrace the Bass - Why we value your low voice at Avon Harmony A Cappella!

Embrace the Bass - Why we value your low voice at Avon Harmony A Cappella!
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Posted By: Mary Williams
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Date Posted: Thu, 1 Jun 2023

Have you ever walked into a room of people singing and felt like you were home? Is there a place for women who sing in a lower vocal range than your average Alto singer? Absolutely. Meet our Bristol-based choir. We want you and your unique rich voice to join our A cappella chorus Female Bass section.

There's something about the human voice coming together in four-part harmony that can't be explained - it just has to be experienced. It is more than the sound you hear- it is something you feel in your whole body.

If you are a woman with a low voice range, particularly a low alto or contralto, we have a special invitation for you!

Find your ideal place to sing with our choir at Avon Harmony A Cappella in Bristol, as we are looking for female basses. You might be the person who sings along with the male voices on the radio, and you don't need any prior experience- just the willingness to learn. 

We know that finding the right choir that cherishes your unique voice can be challenging. In many traditional singing and vocal ensembles, women with lower voice ranges often find themselves placed into male tenor sections. 

However, at Avon Harmony A Cappella Choir, we celebrate the diversity of female voices and value the richness that low altos and contraltos bring to our collective sound.

The Bass in Female Barbershop

We have a standalone place for those who want to be a female bass! We specialise in the beautiful, intricate style of female barbershop singing. Unlike regular choirs, barbershop singing doesn't just offer parts to sopranos and altos and opens the door to more varied roles.

As part of our barbershop bass section, you'll discover a new world of vocal range that often goes unexplored. Experience an incredible opportunity for women with low voice ranges to shine.

The basses often get the Boom, Dmms and exciting little filler parts in the arrangements as well as lyrics, and where possible, they get the best little solo sections giving them a chance to show off their specialness!

Our existing bass section is a fun-loving, hardworking group of normal people who sing, from those who have been in the chorus for over 29 years to people who joined over the pandemic. We need to double the size of this section to balance the higher voices across the choir perfectly and allow us to do more sing outs in public to raise money for charity.


A Community of Female Singing Voices from High to Low

But Avon Harmony A Cappella is more than just a choir - it's a welcoming community of like-minded friends. We don't just harmonise our voices in four-part harmony - we harmonise our spirits. 

Singing is a shared journey, and every voice is crucial to our collective story. This philosophy is reflected in our singing club's warm and friendly atmosphere at choir. Whether you're an experienced singer or just starting your vocal journey, you'll find a supportive, welcoming community here.


Your Low Singing Voice, Your Home

We understand the struggle of finding a space where your low voice feels genuinely valued and feels like home. 

Suppose you have a lower voice that doesn't fit the traditional 'female' mould in regular SATB choirs. Avon Harmony A Cappella embraces the rich, resonant tones of contralto and low alto voices; we see them as our choir's solid foundation. We aim to get about 33% of our choir into this section - you will be highly treasured in our vocal group.


An Invitation

We want to extend an open invitation to you as a female choir singer with a lower voice as we are looking to build our Bass Section. If you are a woman longing for a choir community where your voice will be cherished, please join us. 

Whether you are an experienced choir member or this is your first step into the world of singing, we are excited to welcome you into our community. We have everything from sheet music to singalong tracks to help those who learn songs and music by ear. We look for enthusiastic women willing to memorise a harmony part rather than perfect singers, as the experience comes with our weekly rehearsals.

At Avon Harmony A Cappella, you will find a choir, a family, and a place where your voice is truly valued. Come and add your unique tones to the beautiful tapestry of our barbershop sound. 

Let's sing, let's laugh, and let's make beautiful music together.

To experience the warm embrace of Avon Harmony A Cappella, drop by our rehearsals every Thursday at Glenfrome School in Eastville Bristol, get in touch with us through our website or call 07954 170532 for more info. We can't wait to meet you and hear the unique sound you bring!

Welcome home to Avon Harmony A Cappella - where every voice matters.